Tablet Compression Machine

  • Square GMP – Compact Model
  • Paint Free Compression Zone.
  • Turret Made of Special Grade S.G. Iron Casting.
  • Interlock switches to all Guard for Safety of operator. 
  • Completely enclosed Machine i.e. top half the machine (compression zone) with s.s. hood & acrylic cover & the lower half of the machine is covered with matt finish s.s. cover.
  • Reduces Noise & spread of dust in the Compression Room
  • Variable speed step pulley.
  • Brand electrical - Motor–Crompton Greaves &A.C.Drives–Siemens
  • Effective Dust Extraction Nozzles along with Machine.
  • Anti Vibration mounting, hence no foundation required.

Tablet Compression MachineTablet Compression Machine, Also known as Tablet Press in Pharmaceutical Industry  used to makes the tablets according to a pre-determined design. Punches and dies set into the tablet press to actually shape the tablets. These machines make tablets for a variety of industries; however, the largest application of tablet compression machine is pharmaceuticals and vitamins.
Models - Lab Press, Single Rotary Tablet Compression Machine, Double Rotary Tablet Compression Machine, Heavy Duty Tablet Compression Machine.

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