semi automatic pet bottle & jar blowing machine

Machine at glancePET blower with Infra-red heating system produces 600 bph, 250-500 jph.  with neck size 19 to 120mm. These type of machine are now only use for producing wide mouth neck and bigger size jar.Features:  TPX 2x5x5
 Blowing Product Bottle  / Jar / Jar
 Blowing Capacity 0.2 - 5 liters
 Mould Cavity 2/1
 Neck Size (max) 46 mm / 83 mm / 120 mm
 Production Rate 250-600 jars per hr
 Operator One 
 Heating Power 14 KWS
 Max Connecting Load 32 KWS
 Process Preform loading & bottle ejection manually